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Mercedes-Benz O305
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Mercedes- Benz O305 is a rear-engined bus model built in West Germany between 1967 and 1987. The O305 was built as a successor of the O317 and was the Mercedes-Benz adaptation of the first so called "Standard-Linienbus" design, that was produced by many different German bus manufacturers. The articulated model was named O305G, the inter- city model O307. Its successor was the Mercedes-Benz O405 respective the O407. The O305 was basically built for single deckers (particularly for the State Transit Authority of New South Wales who purchased well over 1,300, and still operate over 600 rigid examples of all types). The O305 & 305G were also bought for the O-bahn busway in Adelaide, South Australia. Double-deck examples, however, could be found in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa.

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